5 Ingredients With Strong Anti-Aging Effect

People do whatever it takes to look younger. While years ago wrinkles were a rather expensive procedure, mostly used by stars, it is not the case today.

More and more women inject a botulinum toxin that blocks nerve endings and removes the unpleasant “lines of time”.

Botox injections are extremely effective, but high quality cosmetics also do the job in reducing wrinkles. It is a good option if you are not ready for more drastic changes like aesthetic procedures.

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Ingredients with anti-aging effect

1. Argyle

It is a synthetic polypeptide, also known as acetyl. It is similar to botox but compared to it is much safer and does not cause side effects from its use.

By penetrating into the skin, it stimulates individual processes. It has the ability to relax the muscles of the face but does not block them.

2. “Snake” peptide

It is synthesized in laboratory conditions and like snake poison, the substance blocks the nerve signals that cause muscle contraction.

They reduce the so-called facial muscle contractions, reduce wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. Based on this peptide, there are many creams that have a botox effect.

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3. Matrixyl

Labeling also occurs under the name palmitoyl pentapeptide-4-fatty acid, mixed with amino acids in laboratory conditions.

Cosmetics with this ingredient reduce the first signs of aging on the skin. By entering skin cells, the matrix is “programmed” to regenerate the cells. Helps produce collagen that improves elasticity.

4. Snail extract

In the past, many women have made rejuvenating face therapies by dropping snails on it. It has an anti-aging effect. It stimulates cellular functions, reduces wrinkles on the skin. It promotes cell renewal and has a softening effect.

5. Antioxidants

Probably more and more often read about them and there’s a good reason for it. They are good for the whole body because they cleanse the body from toxins and slow down aging. The more antioxidants you have in your cosmetics, the better.

Most effective antioxidants:

  • Vitamin C – equalizes facial skin, stops inflammation and helps synthesize collagen in skin cells;
  • Grape seed extract – promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the skin;
  • Green Tea Extract – restores damaged cells and stops inflammation;
  • Vitamin E – stimulates regeneration and has a lifting effect;
  • Zinc – increases collagen production and fights aging skin;
  • Vitamin A also increases the amount of collagen, reduces wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.

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