Xanthelasma: Cholesterol Deposits Around The Eyes: Causes & Treatment

When you have excess cholesterol in your blood, it deposits around your eyes. These cholesterol deposits can be in different sizes, colors and shapes. When this happens, you are in a state known as xanthelasma.

This state may not really be regarded as a medical condition, but it is advisable that you see a doctor when you notice these cholesterol deposits around the corners of your eyes.

How To Remove Cholesterol Deposits Around The Eyes?

To remove these cholesterol deposits, it is mostly achieved through a surgery, this can be scary as it is near to the eyes and most at times leaves scars. But nature is a mother and treats us as such. Therefore nature has come to our rescue in this, by providing us with a safer and effective means of removing these unwanted deposits.

The Main Causes of Xanthelasma – Cholesterol Around The Eyes

Xanthelasma are more common among the elderly people, it is noticed when they have high cholesterol in their blood. There are other health issues that can increase the cholesterol level of the blood leading to xanthelasma and they includes some kind of cancer, improper metabolism, diabetes and cirrhosis.

The Best Remedies For This Condition are Natural Treatments and They Include:

Almonds: Almonds can stabilize the level of cholesterol in the body as well as remedy various cardiovascular issues. Make a paste of almond powder and milk, and apply across your eyes.

Banana Peels: take banana peels and slice to smaller pieces, place over the deposits and leave overnight or for some hours. Then wash with a lot of water. The cholesterol deposits will clear as you do this regularly.

Orange Juice: fresh orange juice is good for people with high cholesterol level. A glass or two on daily basis will do the trick.

Onions: you need to get an onion juice by squeezing the onion then mix with salt. Apply this around your eyes being cautious to avoid contact with the eyes. Wash with plenty of water after 3 hours or overnight.

Coriander: using coriander seeds to prepare tea while taking several cups daily is a way to reduce and prevent these deposits.

ACV: take this natural remedy regularly to prevent the deposits, it regulates your level of cholesterol. You can as well apply it over the deposit area to help remedy the situation.

Castor Oil: rub this oil over the deposits and let it act on them for some time. Castor are rich in oil and can melt away these deposits.

Fenugreek Seeds: soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink in the morning. Everyday practice of this will clear the deposit in no distant time.

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