Hair Straighteners: 4 Common Mistakes Damaging The Hair

The press is the perfect helper of every woman in straightening hair. It quickly makes it smooth and shiny, but it can also damage the scalp if we abuse it. Using it too often can damage the hair.

Common mistakes we make when straightening the hair:

We stand without a thermal protection product

Crystals are the cosmetics we need to have if we straighten our hair with a press.

They acts as a thermal protection, which is applied on the hair and prevents it from burning.

Tip: It’s recommended before we turn on the press, smear the entire length of the hair with crystals, and apply nourishing oil on the edges. Otherwise, our hair may burn and become drier.

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Using a press on wet hair

Many women start using their hair straightener out of the bathroom without drying out. Others are in a hurry and use the hair dryer for a short while, without drying up the hair completely. If you start straightening the wet hair you will only dry it more and damage the root.

Straightening on high degree

More straightening presses have different protections on protecting the hair.

However, the use of the highest degree of appliance is not recommended, especially if you have thin and rare hair. This can harm the hair follicles and lead to their permanent damage. The risk of burning the hair will be less if you straighten it to a lower degree.

Using a press on tangled hair

Hair should be thoroughly trimmed before straightening with a press. Otherwise, not only will we not achieve the desired effect, but we will also damage the hair.

Straightening a ‘dirty’ hair

Women perfume their hair, put balsams, lotions, polish … Sometimes, they decide to straighten their hair and ignore the fact that there are cosmetics ‘leftovers’ on the hair. All styling products are applied after straightening, otherwise they will damage the hair.

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