5 Tricks For Shiny And Healthy Skin

How do the stars achieve perfect skin? Is there a formula for eternal glow… And what is it? And why do some celebrities in their 50s look the same as they did when they were 30, without surgery?

How even under the merciless lights of the spotlight, the skin of the stars look fresh and young? What is their secret? Good genes definitely help. Although some skin conditions and diseases are hereditary, only about 30% of aging is determined by genetics. The remaining 70% depends entirely on our lifestyle. When it comes to fresh skin, celebrities aren’t all that different from us. Many of the steps they follow in their routine are quite easy and affordable. We can try to follow a few simple steps in achieving star shine. Here they are:

1. Stay out of the sun

Wrinkle-free skin and chocolate tan are two incompatible concepts. As a result of intensive exposure to UV rays, the skin becomes rough, pigment spots appear, and cell renewal slows down. UV rays destroy the collagen and elastic fibers that make our skin healthy, plump, and young. Most famous people not only do not bake in the sun but strictly avoid the hot hours on the beach and strong sunlight. Sunscreens are a must, not only in the summer season, but all year round, they are applied every few hours, and now there are also clothes with UV protection available on the market, which come to the aid of water sports fans, for example. Serious sun damage is visible in the long term because the skin “remembers”. That is why young people between the ages of 15 and 30 should be most careful to avoid the so-called “photo-aging” – a recently popular concept behind which skin damage from the sun and premature aging are hidden.

2.  Find the right products and don’t switch them

When a beauty product works, we must be loyal to it. Detergents must be recommended by a dermatologist and tailored to the individual characteristics of the skin. Healthy skin is hydrated skin, and hyaluronic acid plays a key role in properly maintaining its turgor. So, moisturizing cream must be applied twice a day, 365 days a year, for both men and women. The wide variety of cosmetic products on the market arouses great interest among consumers, but frequent “experimentation” with new and inappropriate products in search of something better can lead to deterioration of the skin’s condition, dehydration, or excessive drying.

3. Visiting a professional at least once a month

Aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology are some of the fastest-growing disciplines today, and home care at home is sometimes not enough. Professional facial cleansing, radiofrequency or ultrasound apparatus procedures performed by a dermatologist, as well as laser resurfacing are the best prevention of aging and the best weapon against the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores, and uneven complexion.

4. At least 8 hours of sleep per night

We have all witnessed how a sleepless night affects our face. Puffy eyes, dark circles, loose eyelid skin, more wrinkles, and a sagging complexion. Why? Sleep is the time during which regeneration processes occur in our body, and the skin is no exception to this. While we sleep, the blood flow to the skin increases, the synthesis of collagen and elastin increases and it recovers from the harmful effects of environmental factors. 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day is quite enough to keep us looking young and fresh, and sleep quality tracking apps are becoming more and more popular.

Sleep is my weapon. I try to sleep at least 8 hours a night. I think what works best is good sleep, water, and the right cleanser, says Jennifer Lopez.

5. The skin of the face is a mirror of our lifestyle

Beauty is health. Painfully familiar, but true nonetheless. Each person’s lifestyle affects both their health and appearance. For example, smoking is a harmful habit that is associated with premature aging, the appearance of wrinkles, and a withered appearance of the face. Toxins that are released in cigarette smoke as a result of combustion cause the destruction of collagen and elastic fibers. Blood circulation is disturbed, which inevitably leads to a gray and tired look on the face. The damage from smoking is irreversible and giving it up completely is the best choice, but for people who do not want to stop this habit, there are so-called alternative products such as tobacco heating devices and vapes, where due to the absence of a combustion process, the released toxins are significantly less.

A balanced diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids supports collagen synthesis and improves skin quality. On the contrary, foods with a high sugar content have an impact, which, due to their high glycemic index, potentiate the inflammatory processes, which can lead to the worsening of some skin conditions. Overall, proper nutrition, good sleep, fluid intake, and good sports habits along with a daily skincare routine are the main contributors to the complex task of keeping your face glowing and looking young.

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