Is Your Second Toe Longer Than Your Big & Other Toes? Does it Mean Anything?

Is your 2nd toe longer than the big toe? The size and shape of the toes proves to be decisive for character and love especially the middle toe when it’s longer, says British specialist Jane Sheen. She is so confident in her research that she even recommends that her toes be given special attention when choosing a partner.

In the present, most of the time, the choice is in the eyes, chest, buttocks, legs, and what not, but hardly anyone thinks about what ends of the legs in question. However, one should not forget that the toes were subject to a lyrical description: “I myself am through my fingers. When the second toe is longer than the big toe it could really mean something!

toe sizes

But is it true?

Jane Sheehan, a reflexologist is decisive that toe size matter, and they tell on people characters, ranging from how their digestive system functions, up until their love relationships.

In her toe size guide, Sheehan discovers what your toe size says about your personality:

Second Toe Longer than BigToe? Very Tiny Small Toe? Read Below on All Toe Types


People whose big toe is longer then the other toes, are considered as very smart. Their problems gets solved by them, in a creative manner. Their perspective view on life issues differs, but they’re considered “short sighted” when working on established projects, business etc.

From the opposite side, when big toe is smaller, then brainstorming and multi tasking. Delivering in a efficient manner is your strong side.  Also, charisma influence is a powerful weapon on the side of the persons with small big toe.


Fearless leaders they’re calles, persons that have longer second toe. Creative, energic, and know how to give orders and stick by them. Longer second toe men & women are eager after harmony in their team, and would do anything to maintain it permanently.


Long third toe personas, happen to be very energetic and intellegent men, especially at work. They are perfection geeks with a strong grasp for success. Often this will result in negligence in their love life, dedicated time towards family & fun. But they tend to relax a lot after work.


If a long fourth toe is a identifier for you, then family is all. If the fourth toe is curled, trying to fix relationship with family members might not be such an bad idea.

Long fourth toe people are gentle, but heavy when reaching an agreement. Mingling in other people problem’s is done unintentionally. A bit of relax won’t hurt like the longer third toe guys do!

On the other hand, men with short fourth toe, tend not to care as much for friends and family.


If a partner or friend’s little toe is much more shorter than the ordinary size, then expect child alike attitude. They practically avoid responsibilities, and all it matters for personas with short little toe is fun. Out going and funny people.

People who are able to wiggle the little toe, apart from the fourth toe, they are adventurous,  and romantic.

Toes That are Neatly Ordered in Size

When toes are ordered in size starting from the big one up until the small toe in a neat line, it means you are a precise & practical person. You hate leaving things undone! Apart from being a excellent menager you’re a lovely human!


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