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Why Do I Feel Cold All The Time? 7 Factors and Causes

It is normal to want to put one extra garment on top when temperatures are falling. But what if the feeling of cold does not ‘want to’ leave you? Are you constantly in a dispute with the thermostat control? Here’re some of the possible explanations.

You feel cold all the time because:


People with hypothyroidism often feel as if they are cold because they do not produce enough thyroid hormones. The result is that the metabolism slows down, which in turn results in a cold body.


Studies have shown that since our age of 60, our body’s ability to retain heat stars declining (due to a naturally slow metabolism), which again causes colder inner body temperature.


Red blood cells are important components in connection with the supply of oxygen throughout the body. Without enough iron, red blood cells can not function properly, one of the main reasons for a cold body.

Recommendation: Eat more beets since they are a great generator of red blood cells.


Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from anemia and poor circulation, especially in the legs. That is why future mothers can often say ‘I’m feeling cold’, especially with regard to their limbs.

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Hormonal changes

Estrogen usually stimulates blood vessel enlargement, heat dissipation, and lower body temperature, respectively.

Progesterone, in turn, has the opposite effect. Therefore, depending on the female menstrual cycle and the hormone levels, changes in body temperature and cold sensitivity may occur.

In men, higher levels of testosterone can reduce the sensitivity to cold, desensitizing some of the major cold receptors in the skin.

Cold hands & feet

Poor circulation

If the hands and feet feel cold, but the rest of the body is fine, it is probably due to poor blood circulation. The latter may be a sign that the heart does not pump blood efficiently or that a blocked artery does not allow the blood to reach the limbs.

For better circulation include in your salads: Lettuce: A Plethora of Nutritional Wealth, Aiding Your Body’s Health

Muscles and weight

Muscles are metabolically more active and this generates more heat. Fat, in turn, is an insulator – it reduces the amount of heat the body loses. A recommendation would be to lose fat quickly and convert them into muscles.

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