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Urinary Tract Infections: Prevention And Treatments All Women Should Know

Over the years, women have been the major victims of the urinary tract infection, this is due to the nearness between the female urethra and the anus. This nearness causes bacteria to easily infect the female urinary organ. The causative bacteria for this infection is the Escherichia coli. The infection is a very painful one and a bad experience. In every five women, one suffers from a Urinary Tract Infection at a certain point their lives.

Being able to detect the symptoms of the urinary tract infection will help you seek for help at the earliest possible stage. The symptoms of this disease can never be overlooked. Whenever you start to experience an uncontrollable urge to urinate, painful urination which may sometimes contain blood and has a strong stench, reduced pressure in your lower abdomen then you should check for the urinary tract infection.

Antibiotics are the most common treatment for this infection, but there are chances it may come back. Therefore, prevention of the infection is a better way not to experience this awful situation. I am in this article going to give you tips on how you can protect yourself against this infection, which will also help you to know what to do when unfortunately you get the infection.

Proper Personal Hygiene For Women

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Personal hygiene entails the simple things you need to observe in order to avoid infections. In this case you are advised to clean from the vaginal area backwards to the anus, this is to avoid bacteria from passing through. Keep your pubic region clean always and wash at least once a day. Avoid using intimate powder, perfumes or perfumed toilet papers. It is more advisable to make use of the shower during bathing than lying inside the bath tub.

Increase your Fluid Intake

Wash off bacteria by intake of more fluids.

Take Vitamin C

More vitamin C in the body reduces the thriving of bacteria by increasing the acid level of the urine.

Try to Urinate Immediately as The Urge Comes

Never try to hold back urine for a long time. This act creates a convenient breeding zone for bacteria.

Urinate Before and After Sex

Drink a glass of water before having sex. This is to push you to urinate after the intercourse and consequently wash away the bacteria that could have find its way to the urethra.

Choose Sanitary Pads in place of Tampons

The risk of getting infected by the urinary tract infection can be increased by the use of tampons. Therefore you need to use sanitary pads which should be changed after going to the toilet.

Drink Blueberry and Cranberry Juices

This is not a cure for the urinary tract infection, but it will surely help in the treatment of the infection. Most cranberry teas you buy from the market contain only a small fraction of the cranberry. Drinking the blueberry juice or the natural unsweetened juice from the cranberries will help you immensely in the treatment of the urinary tract infection.

Avoid G-strings and Very Tight Clothes

When you are exposed to infections, you may consider keeping away from G-strings and tight trousers which can cause humidity in the intimate area leading to bacteria growth and infections.

Avoid Wearing a Wet Swimsuit for Long

A swimsuit can increase the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection especially when you wear it for a long time when it is wet outside water. It is recommended that you get a swimsuit from an easy to dry materials.

Stay Away from Spicy Foods, Alcoholic drinks and Caffeine

When you are already diagnosed with the urinary tract infection, it is advisable to stay away from the things listed above as they will only worsen the infection.


Even with assurance that the above tips will help in the treatment of the urinary tract infection, it is not enough reason not to see a doctor for medical consultation.

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