6 Hidden Health Hazards People Visiting Hotels Should Know

Snow-white sheets, shiny bathroom, courteous staff. This gives confidence in every hotel, but there are unexpected things under the luster.It is enough to remember that hundreds have passed through our room, if not thousands of people.

Here’s where the 6 major dangers to health are hiding

The bathroom:

Everything looks perfect – both the bathtub, the toilet and the sink. But make sure the maids do not change the mushrooms and cleaning cloths for each room. And that means that they can easily carry any bacteria from other baths.

Shelves in the bathroom:
They, as well as the area around the sink, are a wonderful bearer of all sorts of bacteria from all over the world. And what better place to fit your personal toiletries. So do not say better, but keep them in a bag.

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The remote:
It’s one of the dirtiest things even at home, but what about the hotel room where it is touched thousands of times with dirty hands? And certainly not cleaned after every client. You can help a little if you wipe it with a wet antibacterial handkerchief.

The situation is like the remote. The only way to re-protect yourself is the handkerchief.

Although it looks clean, it certainly is not, especially if it’s carpet. The reason is almost the same as the bathroom. So do not throw your clothes on it anyway.

Hotels use professional cleaning products. They are stronger than those we are accustomed to at home. That is why it is possible to irritate us and, in the worse case, cause an allergy.

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