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How Effective Are Penis Enlargement Products? Busting The Myth

The enlargement of the penis is a trending subject on the web, don’t ask us why. There is a lot of material on pills, lotions, and devices on the web that promise to increase the size of your penis.
But how effective are these products?

Quite Pimply, Penis Enlargement Products Aren’t effective at All, Sorry for the Bubble Burst

According to an Associate Professor of Urology and the director of The University of Washington Men’s Health Centre, Thomas J. D Walsh, there is no direct way to enlarge the dimension of or enhance the functionality of the penis. No pill or potion exists and ever existed to that effect.

Why Don’t They Work?

There is a need to really understand what happens in the body during an erection even before knowing how the treatments will work. In the process, blood fills the spongy tissue in the penis which determines the size of the erection. The tissue does not easily change. Walsh says that the fibrous cylinders are joined to the pelvic bone and this makes it hard to modify them. Because the cylinders are transfixed, for most people their maximum penis length is determined in the course of puberty.

According to Larry Lipshultz, who is a medical doctor, blood flow into the tissue can be increased with the use of supplements but these only hasten erection and do not lead to an enlargement.

Some manufacturers claim that the intake of supplements can make guys bigger. A product sold on  gave an assurance not only to increase the length but also the girth size of the penis in very few months. The products are claimed to have amino acid L-arginine (makes the body produce proteins). Regrettably, they have all failed in the enhancement of the size and no evidence exists that non-prescription products cause enlargement. Dr JaminBrahmbhatt, who is a urologist based in Florida once said that:

the greater the promise an advert makes of such products, the more likely it is to be ineffective.

What About Natural Penis Enlargement Products?

Besides the pills, some might opt for therapies, exercises, and size enhancers that appear natural and won’t compromise their safety.

A 2015 Study revealed that a device called the Andro-Penis increased the penis length by about 0.5inches. This might seem promising but Bram Hmbhatt thinks that they are too risky to use. He said that not enough research has been done to ascertain the benefits of size extenders. Also, wearing such devices on the penis for long periods is not safe.

There is a common genital exercise which resembles the milking of the penis called Jelqing. It involves holding the base of the penis with the thumb and index finger and sliding the hand along the shaft. This sequence is done repeatedly for about 18minutes.

Is it effective? No, says urologist Dr. Jesse N. Mils, MD, who is a specialist in medicine and surgery of the male reproductive part. In his explanation to, when jelqing, blood is introduced into the erectile chambers and make the Penis fluff. There is no particular growth, except the partial erection of the penis.

Can Anything be Done to Enlarge Your Penis?

Truth be told, nothing can really be done. Take note however, that you are likely well-sized.
DR. Lipshultz said most of the men who go for penile enlargement are average and believes that weight loss could help reveal a little more length because fat around the penis might make them seem smaller than they actually are.

Walsh advises that:

if you aren’t getting an erection as quickly as before, you should visit your doctor.

He believes that there is a link between having a new penile dysfunction and going on to have heart-related issues. A trip to your doctor could therefore protect your heart.

Also, a change in the direction of your erections should prompt a visit to your urologist. You can get an intervention from your doctor in the form of penile or vacuum devices that stretch your tissues and return them to their original length.

According to Walsh, these devices only help with unhealthy penis tissues.  He goes on to advice the avoidance of drastic measures such as surgeries (usually unsanctioned) in the desire to enlarge the penis. Silicone used in breast enlargement is usually implanted by some doctors for larger penis girth. This is harmful because the silicone can harm the body tissue. These methods are risky and can negatively affect the health and sexual functionality of men.

Remember, your penis size is very likely decent. Don’t harm yourself in pursuit of an enhancement. Let it be…

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