97% Of People Cook Rice Wrong! Flush Arsenic Out Of Rice With A Simple Method

Tens of thousands of chefs and cooking experts are misleading when they make rice. Scientists believe that we all prepare the rice incorrectly and endanger our health and well-being. The reason is that every rice contains arsenic!

Certain amounts of arsenic remain in rice as it has been used in industrial fertilizers and pesticides that have been in the soil of rice crops for decades. Rice is a well-known absorbent. When we eat it, it absorbs toxins and cleanses the body. Likewise, rice absorbs everything that is contained in the soil.

Also, with the arsenic, the containers in which the rice is transported are treated so that it is not eaten by mice. This means that the rice must at least be rinsed in water until all the white flour from it disappears.

What are the allowances for arsenic in rice? It can cause serious disturbances in the functioning of the human body, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, cancer and diabetes. It is good that you can remove the harmful chemicals from the rice and reduce the chances of micro-poisoning with arsenic by preparing it properly!

How to Cook Rice The Healthy Way?

Japanese and Chinese before cooking rice, 7 times washed it in lukewarm water to remove any suspicious substances from it. This method can be used to cook a meal you need quickly. But it is best to soak the rice for the night in a lot of water. So the concentration of arsenic in rice will drop by 80% and the product will become healthier.

Besides, soaked rice has another undeniable advantage.

When the rice is ready very quickly, it absorbs a certain amount of water and becomes slower. Pre-soaked rice can be cooked for 13 minutes! Rice soaked in water will have excellent taste and will surprise with its ability to separate.

Here’s how to cook rice in the water to neutralize arsenic and other chemicals that are accidentally found in its composition.

The Right Way For Rice Preparation (To Remove Arsen)

  • Take 1 part dry rice and 5 parts water.
  • Leave the rice soaked in the water for the night.
  • In the morning wash the rice several times until the water is completely clear.
  • Smell the rice with kitchen paper or cloth.
  • Take 1 part rice and 1.5 parts water. It is best to use hot water.
  • Add a pinch of salt. Salt improves the taste of rice.
  • Put rice to boil on slow fire. Cover the pan or pot with lid.
  • Cool the rice for 10-15 minutes. Do not open the lid! Remember: If you open the lid – you will ruin the rice.
  • Very tasty and safe for health – the rice is ready!

In Azerbaijan they prepare the rice with a small difference: there it is soaked in salted water, which is also very useful. Rice becomes smoother and whiter. In addition, salted water removes any unpleasant odors! Unfortunately, some rice is of poor quality.

There are other very interesting ways of cooking rice. For example, rice cooked in milk with butter and a lot of cardamom. In advance, the rice should be soaked overnight. Place the rice in hot milk and stir slowly for a long time together with cardamom. You can add sugar to taste. It turns out that you get an unusually aromatic pudding like a pudding, try it!

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