Shower Curtains are Dangerous, And Here’s The Reason Why

Each house has a bathroom! However, preferences, however, are entirely on the owners of the home and depend on their capabilities. That is why the bathrooms can be small, large, with a bathtub, shower cabin, curtains, etc. The most common option is the latter.

Study confirms: Shower curtains release 100 risky organic compounds in the air

So the shower curtains hang in millions of flats, but their occupants often do not know what danger they are hiding. According to the researchers, the curtains are capable of releasing more than one hundred volatile organic compounds into the air, which can adversely affect the function of the main organs of the human body.

“Repeated exposure to chemicals released from curtains can cause serious health problems, especially in children, as they are more sensitive,” one of the leading experts, Freeman Aaron, a representative of Canada’s Environmental Protection Organization, said.

In particular, curtains made of polyvinyl chloride – can cause respiratory irritation, damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidneys, cause nausea, headache and loss of coordination – say environmentalists and doctors from Canada and the United States.

Why do shower curtains smell awkwardly when opened from packaging for the first time?

Special attention should be paid to the new shower curtains. Often many of us notice a strong smell coming from the curtain when removed from the packaging. But few people pay attention to this. At the same time, the smell coming from a new shower curtain shows that many volatile compounds are released into the atmosphere, which may adversely affect human health and the environment. Professionals recommend instead of these curtains to use other methods such as PVC.

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