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I’m Not Apologizing! Emotional Needs That We Shouldn’t Say Sorry For

Do you need more understanding or attention? Do you feel that something is not reaching you, and somehow you have no courage or time to ask for it? A friend recently told me she had to apologize for having needed some time for herself. It seems to me absurd, as I definitely think we have needs that we should never apologize for. Because, as the body can not last for a long time without water, so our soul experiences the thirst that needs to be quenched. In order to be complete and calm, we have needs that we need to pay more attention to.

Don’t Be All The Time Sorry! Dedicate Some Time for Yourself

No one feels good if there is no time for self-time, for our most elementary needs, for our spiritual demands. You do not enjoy eating forever in the office, or if you do not have five minutes to look in the mirror in the morning and make the appearance you like. Completely understandable. It is even more understandable to ask for a time to stay alone and just relax, recharge, talk with yourself, or read a good book. To want to help, to smile on someone is wonderful and brings satisfaction that would hardly compare to anything, but you will not be able to do it if you did not have time for yourself first. Everything starts with us.

Privacy: If You Have It, You Will Be Apologizing Less

And as long as we need privacy and time dedicated only to us, so much we need to have someone else set aside for our person. And we, respectively, for him. Attention is an expression of concern and affection. It is not something we should be ashamed of. It is no mistake to look for it because we can not live without the people who surround us – they are the ones who confirm the meaning of our existence, our actions. Attention is a need that is perfectly normal, within the reasonable, of course. Because we do not live, however, so we will be noticed. In fact, we will be rewarded with genuine attention only when we feel sufficiently satisfied and give proper attention to ourselves. Everything is connected.

Understanding and Empathy

Has it happened to you to quarrel with a loved one simply because he thinks one, and you another? Who didn ‘t happen! I would say these are some of the most unpleasant moments – then when you love and more than anything you want to share and be understood by this person, and you feel totally rejected. There is a solution. In one case, it’s just to learn how to explain why you think so. Then you have a chance to be understood. And in the other (when a very different person stands against you) – leave. Stay with a person who never understands you means you choose to be always alone – in your thoughts and actions. There is no real support in this situation. That’s why there is no point. Everyone needs to be understood. When this does not happen with a conversation, it happens … again with a conversation, but with someone else.

Emotions & New Experiences: When Not To Say Sorry

You should never justify that you need emotions-from people to communicate with emotionally, with friends, with a loved one who really loves you. Is there a person who does not want to be emotionally connected to someone, knows that he has someone to pour out of his soul and to be accepted as he is? And this is one of our most important “tasks” in this life – to be able to share our souls, to “distribute” our heart. Otherwise, we would not be able to touch the most beautiful part of our existence, because that is what emotions give us with that blessed state called happiness. Is not it all we are looking for?

Sense and Awareness: Will Make You Apologize Less

Everyone needs it. You can not do anything without making sense. Whether it’s going to be in your work, in your relationship, or raising your child does not matter. It is important to have at least one thing in this world, which is why it is worth living. Which makes your life really meaningful. Not always can be ideal – for some of you, the point of their work is to make money and for others to be something deeper and more valuable, but there must always be at least a part of your life for which it is worth throw away everyone else. As long as you have that part, it will cost you to live and feel truly complete. And only we can give the necessary meaning to what we most want to turn it into our goal and dream. Then you are already wining … every moment!

Remember that whatever you do today, you always have time for yourself. At least one hour a day, you must be dedicated to yourself. If you succeed on that same day and give someone with genuine attention and care and at the same time set aside a little time for a pleasant emotional conversation with a friend or a loved one, you will never lose sense. And you will never have to apologize or be sorry for your emotional needs, simply because you will take them on a daily basis. And it starts with everything. So you can do all those day – to – day duties with your mind

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