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Eating Trans Fats Through Coffee Cream Without Knowing It

No matter how favorite and beloved beverage is coffee, few are the people who consume it pure or black. The dense taste of coffee with cream is too tempting, but it turns out – dangerous due to some health risks it carries.

They come from the content of certain substances in the cream, whether liquid or dry. Almost every different type of her contains supplements, none of which can be described as beneficial to health.

E407 Fake Thickness – Coffee Cream – It’s Not Real!

The most interesting feature of most types of coffee cream is that there is almost no real cream in them despite the misleading appearance. Studies of their composition show that the pleasantly thick consistency is mainly due to the high content of a specific ingredient in them – carrageenan. It is also known as E407 supplement from the label of various food products. It is also known for its regular consumption, which provokes various digestive problems and inflammatory processes on the lining of the intestinal tract.

The long shelf life of coffee pies is proof of the presence of preservatives in their composition. Even in small quantities, with regular consumption, they have negative health consequences.

Transfats in Coffee Cream And The Damage They Cause To Your Health

Transfats are one of the ingredients in coffee creams that cause harm. If carrageenan carries the dense appearance of these products, for their taste, resembling true cream, essential merits carry the trans fats in them. A number of studies have shown that these are the most harmful fats for health and are already in force under the mass ban on their use in the food industry.

Any form of coffee cream that is sweetened or carries a certain flavor owes its taste to artificial, and most likely, harmful ingredients.

The fact is that coffee cream is almost entirely an artificial product. For lovers of the fragrant refreshing drink, it is much better to replace it with milk or to give it up altogether. Putting cream in the coffee is an example of how a naturally poor product of dangerous ingredients can become a daily source of harmful chemical compounds.

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