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The Difference Between Lemon and Lime – Explained

Are lemons and limes the same fruit? Lemon and lime are often confused because they are really close relatives. Both contain ascorbic acid in large quantities and are often used in cooking. Both fruits belong to the family of citrus families and even their names are similar. But this, perhaps, all their similarities, otherwise lime and lemon – completely different fruits, and often – irremovable.

The Different Homelands of Lemon & Lime

India – Home of the Lemon

Lemon is an evergreen tree with a height of 6-8 meters with the same name of narrow-cut oak fruits. The most comfortable climate for its growth is subtropical. The home of lemon is India, China and the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. There is evidence that in the third century BC the Chinese cultivated lemon as a cultural plant.

Malacca Peninsula – Home of Lime

Lime, most often, is a shrub size of half or two meters, less often a tree up to five meters high. The fruits are reminiscent of the shape and color of the lemon fruit, and the homeland is the Malacca peninsula.

Lime more susceptible to soil quality than other citrus fruits and grows predominantly in the tropics, where the altitude does not exceed a thousand meters. In principle, lime can be grown in medium latitudes, but the harvest will be very poor. Today lime vitality is gaining popularity among consumers and the larger suppliers in the world of this very healthy fruit are Mexico, Cuba, India, Egypt and the Netherlands Antilles.

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Most Extraordinary Varieties in between Lemon and Lime

Despite the wide variety of lemon and lime varieties, the huge resemblance between the fruit of the fruit trees is still there. They have the same shape and greenish-yellow color. However, lime that can be found on the shelves of the shops is absolutely green. The point is that this fruit is rapidly deteriorating and, to extend the deadline, remove it from the bush in an immature state. Larch, compared to lemon, even more juicy with soft, grainy and always green flesh, and lemon flesh transparent, with a yellowish tinge.


Apart from the size of lemon, it overpains the size of lime, although some varieties of lime are quite comparable to lemon.


Probably, it is difficult to find a more sour lemon fruit if it was not lime. Not only the lime is even more sour, in its taste there is a bitter shadow. The lime is exactly the same, in its raw form without the addition of sugar, you do not eat, but its aroma conquers everyone.

How to properly store Lemons and Limes

Lime has a very fine and smooth skin that prevents it from being stored even in the most ideal conditions for more than two weeks. During this time, the lime must lie in the refrigerator at a constant temperature of +4 degrees, without any influence on humidity.

Lemon is not as picky about the conditions of storage. In the refrigerator it can lie without loss of performance for about two months.

The use of lemon as well as lime is widespread in medicine as a storehouse of vitamin C. And in Lima it contains more, but it should be borne in mind that the thermal treatment of 60 percent of the vitamin is lost.

These fruits are naturally sedative, normalizing the heart and strengthens the blood vessels, preventing the development of atherosclerosis and treating diseases of the lungs, removing body remnants, strengthening the immune system.

Also vitamin C lemon known for its high number of volatile production and vitamin P, and lime rich in vitamins and fruit acids.

What’s the Difference Between a Lemon and a Lime – Final Checklist
  1. Lemon is larger and yellowish than lime.
  2. The taste of lime is more sour than that of lemon, and also has a bitter hue.
  3. The linden pulp is green and the lemon is transparent yellowish.
  4. Lime is stored for no more than two weeks, one lemon – about two months.
  5. Lime contains more ascorbic acid than lemon, but up to 60 percent of it is destroyed by heat treatment, and the raw lime drink is almost impossible.

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