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The Truth On Fattening Food & Exercise Machines That Make You Slim

Maybe you also have questioned yourself at some point how it’s possible that some people aren’t in jail already because of their exercise machine commercials which spread disinformation and scams? Why are we constantly sold stupid tricks involving even more absurd diets by the media and magazines?

How come these people aren’t legally prosecuted, when the gross numbers of their assertions are serious fraud? How can these people lie to us and don’t go to jail for it?

Basically, that’s because this problem isn’t legally supported. Legally and technically these people do not lie to us. They’re simply paraphrasing their statements and in that way they‘re manipulating us with their assertions.

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There are thousands of ways you can manipulate people and mislead them to make false conclusions, without technically saying a single false word. For example, when the term “healthy food” is used it technically refers to food that’s hygienically clean and food with date that’s not expired.

When a “scientific study showed that…” phrase is brought into the mix it usually refers to some research that showed that people lost weight by following a certain diet. However, the lie behind their statements lies in the things they are not telling you. This is called lying through omission. Basically, they are lying to you by stating half true assertions and in that way mislead you to make false conclusions.

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Researches’ results are the best example:

Whenever a magazine publishes an article in which a scientific research shows something, they often omit telling you:

1. That there are many researches that show the complete opposite.
2. By who was that research ordered.
3. The statistical relevance of the research.
4. The other variables in the research.

For example, I can conduct a research in which on an extreme way I’ll show that some food is healthy. I can conduct my research by experimenting with a person that extremely obese, let’s say has 100 kilograms.

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I’ll close that person in a room and force her to eat vegetables 10 times a day, enter multivitamins, but also make him/her eat a hamburger. His/hers daily caloric intake will be 1000 calories which will be lot less than this person’s average daily caloric intake.

This will result in loss of significant body weight in just the first week or two, out of which, the most of the kilograms will be body water and not body fat.

After 5-6 weeks, our subject will weight lot less that he/she used to, will have better blood test and all of his vital markers will improve as well. Generally speaking, this person will be in better health than before.

However, if I want to misuse the research, I can say that I have conducted a scientific research which shows that consuming hamburgers every day improves the human health. Legally, I have not lied, I just omitted other information.

I didn’t mention that my experimental subject was an obese person that also ate vegetables 10 times a day and consumed 1000 calories less than he/she use to consume before the experiment.

Most of the diets that imply combining food are based on a similar catch like my hypothetical research is.

Those diets are consisted of food and food quantities that cause you to lose large amounts of body water and in that way mislead you in thinking that you actually lost significant body weight.

Since most of the people aren’t aware that the weighting machines measure lost body weight in general, not body fat. In that way the people believe that the diet they’re following caused them to lose weight, when in fact they’ve only dispatched body water. The “food that’ll make you lose weight” researches use similar tricks.

Who pays for the research?

  •     If you’re looking at a research that’s been paid for by the meat industry, the research will show that people lose weight if they eat more meat.
  •     If you’re looking at a research that’s been paid for by the protein powder companies, the research will show that people lose weight if they use protein powders.
  •     If you’re looking at a research that’s been paid for by a vegetarian sect, the research will show that vegetarianism makes people lose weight.
  •     If you’re looking at a research that’s been paid for by a macrobiotic sect, the research will show that macrobiotics offer the healthiest approach to lose weight.
  •     If you’re looking at a research that’s been paid for by the dairy industry, the research will show that people need to eat more dairy products and not meat products if they want to lose weight.

The whole point is that you can design whatever kind of project you want to and show whatever results you wish to show. People won’t figure out that 99% of the researches’ and studies’ outcomes are a result of:

a) the previous state of the subjects

b) the number of calories entered

c) consumed vegetables,

opposing to food types. This is demonstrated by our hero Mark Haub in his famous “Weight loss experiment with fast food”.

Remember this fact

No one in the long history of mankind has ever lost weight without creating a caloric deficit first. Creating a caloric deficit means entering fewer calories than you spend.

However, if you enter more calories than you actually spend, then no food will help you lose weight. No mater what food you eat or where those calories come from you will gain weight if you consume more calories than you should. Look at all of those depressed overweight vegetarians who wonder why isn’t the magical vegetarianism working for them any more.

The same goes to the magical exercise machines and exercises

Often when you watch TV shop commercial you can hear that some exercises burn body fats. What you don’t hear because they omit to say is that every exercise burns fats. There is no exercise that doesn’t burn the body fats. Practically, just sitting and playing with your keys while watching TV burns fats. Jumping around or laughing at a comedy you burn fats.

However, you can do whatever exercise you want to as long as you don’t go and over eat later. In fact, if you eat few enough calories you can lose weight with just lying in bed all day. There are no magical exercise machines and magical exercises!

This machine will tone your legs! – Wooooow!

I am especially fond of the “Tone your (body part) exercise machines!”. Feel the sarcasm! Exercise machine for beautiful, long, toned legs, exercise machine for that nice curved buttocks, exercise machine for strong, sculpted arms…Pure nonsense!

Your body doesn’t care of you’re using the “Turbo Treck 5000” or you’re just wagging your arms around. Simple, if you use some muscles they will grow. And if your muscles grow you lose fat and achieve that toned body look.

Technically seen, if you eat a hamburger a day (nothing more) and you later go weightlifting, move furniture around, work the farm crops, chop wood or whatever – You will tone up! Amazingly, you will tone your body without using the Turbo-Mega-Leg-Cruncher-3000 thingy form Top Shop people!

Why would people use these stupid exercise machines and food anyways?

I believe the people instinctively know that there’s nothing special about the “Lose Weight” food or the “Body Tone-exercise machine”. I think that most off the people know that they can achieve their goals to lose weight with just eating less and doing simple 10$ dumbbell exercises.

However, very often it happens that these exercise machines and food are bought as a reason to start exercising, start eating right and being all serious about it. It has a psychological effect… Yeah right! Please follow up the demonstration of millions and millions of exercise machines GATHERING DUST in your homes!

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So, yes, it doesn’t function like that!

If you’ve been unserious and lazy about exercising and eating right for the last five years you probably won’t get the motivation to all of a sudden exercise and eat right just because you had bought some Top Shop kids toy! The only thing you’re doing is paying money to some guy that sells cheap Chinese plastic toys with a Top Shop sticker on them!

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