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How To Eat To Lose Weight

Anyone remember those diets or supplements that claimed to “let you eat what you want and still lose weight” or told you how to eat to lose weight by eating whatever you wanted? Yeah me too. I’m sure that panned out very well for those that heard that and decided to eat 10 cheeseburgers a day… Funny thing about all that is, in some ways they were right. I know, I know, scams being right sounds like an oxymoron but they say that every myth/rumor/wild claim has a kernel of truth in it. So exactly how can you eat to lose weight? Let’s explore that with 5 tips on how to eat to lose weight!

How To Eat To Lose Weight

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1. Eat More…Frequently

Yeah the whole “3 square meals a day” adage actually needs to be bumped up to about 5 meals per day. Eating 5 meals a day will help your metabolism stay elevated (higher metabolism means more fat burned) and keep your blood sugar levels in check (no bad energy crashes like you get after a big meal). These meals still need to be nutritious (a Big Mac won’t cut it) but eating meals that contain between 300-500 calories, depending on your individual calorie needs which you can find here, 5 times a day will go a long way in you reaching your weight loss goals.

2. Keep Right Ratios

The ratio of nutrients in your meals is critical to ensuring that you get all the nutrition you can from your meals. It’s typically recommended that if you’re wanting to lose weight maintaining a ratio of 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fats (healthy fats, no Big Macs!) is ideal. This is by no means a concrete ratio and you may find that you need to make some minor tweaks here and there based on the feedback that your body gives you.

3. Everything Counts

Remember that everything counts! Milk in your coffee, the glass of wine with dinner, the small snack at work…it all counts. This is not a starvation thing, but it is important that as you start to eat more frequently to increase your metabolism that you keep track of all the little things that add up and might keep you from losing weight.

4. Eat Every Few Hours

This step conveniently goes hand-in-hand with eating 5 meals a day in that eating about every 3-4 hours will also help in keeping your metabolism up! The human body will actually start to slow its metabolic rate if there is no food in it for more than a few hours. This happens because the body perceives a period of “famine” is occurring and triggers the brain to slow down the body’s metabolism to preserve fat and energy stores. This is also why starvation diets won’t work long-term!

5. Stay Hydrated

Tip #5 on how to eat to lose weight is as simple as that. Drinking water and staying hydrated is critical to losing weight, especially when you’re changing your eating habits to help you lose weight. Dehydration is actually the primary cause for hunger pangs so the next time you start feeling the munchies come on, don’t automatically reach for the nearest food. Try drinking a glass of water and see how you feel after about 20 minutes. Additionally, it’s not excessive to drink 8-10 glasses of water especially if you’re going through an intense workout program like Insanity or P90X.

So there you have it, 5 easy tips on how to eat to lose weight. Hopefully you got some value out of this and will help you on your weight loss journey. IF you did get something out of this then pass it on to your friends and family, especially those that are ready to get their health on track or improve their fitness and need a place for tips, motivation and support.

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