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1on1 Talk With a Naturally Skinny Friend: Do They Really Eat Less?!

I’ve helped many people lose weight through the years. I’ve managed to do that by explaining to them the most basic conceptions and that everything comes to caloric intake and that it’s unimportant what you eat as long as you eat less.

Eventually, they embraced and applied my suggestions and lost the extra weight, every single one of them lost weight.

There’s no magic in weight loss!

However, some of them interestingly continued believing in the magical exceptions. Nevertheless, they’ve talked about someone they knew that had magic metabolism. So it happened that they’ve all had someone, a friend, a relative, a colleague in their life that eat 10000 calories a day and wasn’t overweight or wasn’t gaining weight.

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The truth is that these cases are unknown to science. Whenever the people with these kinds of claims were subjected, it was found that they had been overly exaggerating and therefore managed to create illusions.

The diet practiced by “the people who never gain weight” can be literally understood like an optical illusion which can easily mislead you into thinking they consume lots of food. In order to explain this to you all, I’ll share a real example which implied a young man and his illusion.

I met the guy with the magic metabolism

A few years ago I helped some young people from Croatia lose weight. They all swore to me, telling me magical stories about some magical twins form Zagreb who supposedly ate like beasts, but never gained weight no matter the quantity. Luckily, last summer I actually met one of the twins who was vacationing at the same place I was.

Naturally, I was intrigued to find out whether all the stories I heard were true. Therefore I started to make notes from the first day. The first thing I noticed was that at our first meal together, he, the magical “no gaining weight” twin started to dramatize and exaggerate. The moment we sat down the table he started:

Oooh I’m starved! I’m so hungry that I’m going to eat everything! OMG, I will eat all of this… and I want lot of that! …

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I tried to ignore his whole act and just wrote down all the food he put in his plate. I wasn’t paying attention at what he was saying, because I was focusing on writing down everything he actually eat at the end.

Simultaneously, I was following my overweight friend who sat right next to him. I wrote down everything my friend ate as well and compared with the twin. I waited until we all finished eating our meals and calculated, added the calories with my cell phone and decided to share them with my friends, among which was the magical “no gaining weight” twin.

I asked them: Who do you think eat more calories between you two?” referring to my overweight friend and the twin.

The twin jumped first, almost yelling “I did, I did!” On the other side, my obese friend easily agreed and with no doubts said that he thought he ate less. In that moment I pulled out my phone and shared their results. The skinny twin eat 550 calories, while my friend had consumed 800 calories. How was that possible?

The answer is simple. The skinny guy talked more than he eat. He took some from everything but in moderate quantities. While he was eating his first steak, the overweight had already finished with his and was eating his second. Also the skinny guy took a large plate of french fries but only had few bites, while the overweight guy finished his whole plate and finished the skinny guys plate as well.

But that’s not all

It wasn’t just this meal that I wrote down. During those 10 days we were together, I tracked down every possible meal these two eat. At the end of the week the calculations showed the expected results. The overweight guy ate more than the skinny guy did. The last day I shared the results and we analyzed the situation. At first they were shocked and couldn’t believe their ears when I said that the skinny guy eat less than the overweight guy. Therefore, I tried to explain myself:

I asked my overweight friend: What did you eat for breakfast? Do you remember?

He replied:

You know I eat those croissants things. We all did. That’s all

I disagreed. I saw him eating two bananas before that: What about the bananas you ate earlier?

Well, yes, I eat two little bananas before breakfast. But they were very little…

I answered: That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t count them as well. You eat them, so you need to count those calories also.

Then, I turned at the skinny guy. I asked: How about you? What did you eat for breakfast?

He answered that he hadn’t been hungry:

I ate nothing. I wasn’t hungry really and I dislike croissants as well.

Then I made my conclusion: Well, you (at the skinny guy) said that you rarely have anything for breakfast, didn’t you? You also said that you’re really busy throughout the day and you often forget or have no time to eat. That only leaves you dinner, right?

He replied:

Well… when you put it that way, yes. I guess it happens that some days I don’t really eat anything.

Then I turned at the overweight guy: You also say that you often go out and have dinner together? And usually he (the skinny guy) orders twice the food you do. Am I right? And you can’t help but wonder how’s it possible that he eats so much and doesn’t gain weight, don’t you?…I guess you didn’t know that dinning together was going to be his first meal of the day, did you?

Skinny guy, overweight guy (Both shocked):

Wow, I’ve never thought of it like that”, “OMG, you are right!.


Even though there are some health disorders which imply a man eating lot more and not gaining weight, this cases are extremely rare. In most of the cases the people, the skinny and the overweight alike have the same metabolism.

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Furthermore, you can’t jump to conclusions whether some person is eating more or less unless you live with him/her 24/7.

Don’t listen to how much they tell you they eat. If you don’t know these people directly and haven’t lived with them 2-3 days so you could count their calories you can’t know how much they eat. Maybe your skinny friend overeats during your dinner together, but eats nothing or very little the next 2 days that follow.

Different scientific researches have confirmed this “lying” phenomenon. Namely, the extremely skinny people trick themselves into thinking that they eat more.

Therefore, if asked to write down the food they eat yesterday they will write down a certain quantity. However, if they were to be secretly watched you will find out that the skinny people eat lot less than they stated before. With other words their memory tricks them into thinking that they eat more than they actually do.

Overweight people have the opposite problem. When asked to write down the food they eat yesterday they wrote down a quantity that’s a lot smaller than the one they actually consumed.

Their brain literally erases half the meals they had and tricks them into thinking that they eat less than they actually did. If they were to be secretly watched you will find out that they eat a lot more than they state to eat.

Therefore counting the calories you enter will help you obtain an ability to be sincere with yourself and more self conscientious. So start doing it!

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