8 Easy & Effective Exercises To Cut Down Lower Belly Fat

Everyone wants to be in their best possible shape ever. But sometimes for reasons we do not control things such as belly fat especially in the lower abdomen gives us false looks. It makes you lose your self confidence. And in the course to get out of such situation, you start looking for exercise programs to help you out.

While there are a lot of programs out there, there are only a few geared towards reduction of belly fats.
It is time you show off your hard earned muscles. That is why I have narrowed down this list of 8 powerful methods that will help achieve the most beautiful lower abs structure you have ever dreamed.

First: Double Leg Lift

This is a type of Pilate exercise which involves the lifting together of your two legs while shifting the workload to the abdomen. This exercise can be quite challenging especially when compared with other Pilate exercises. Mermaid exercise as it is referred to as by many trainers will help you burn your lower belly fats.

How it is done:double leg lifts to lose lower belly fat
– spread your trainer mat and lie with your back facing upwards. Spread out your elbows as your palms are placed under your head.
– keep your legs together at the heels and stretch out. Raise your legs to form 90 degrees with your abs while inhaling.
– lift your torso while exhaling crunching your abdomen, at this point, you will feel a strain on your muscles especially the back and abs.
– lower your torso gently after staying in the position for some seconds.
– the procedure should be repeated at least 10 more times.

Second: Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks is another exercise whose major target is the abs muscles. It focuses particularly on the lower part of the belly. The repetition of this exercise gives the maximum result. It equally goes a long way to effect the flexor muscles of your hips.

Making this exercise part of your general abs training program will ensure a great effect on your abdomen both the upper part and the lower part. The flutter kicks also enhances your rate of endurance, especially when included in the end part of your routine.

How it is done:flutter kicks to lose lower belly fat
– lie down on your back, lift your shoulder and head above the floor, then keep your hands at the back of your head.
– stretch out your both legs with your toes pointed, lift them up a few centimetres from the floor, then further lift your left leg higher. Drop your left leg to the normal position with the right leg as you simultaneously lift the right leg.
– Repeat the alternating movement of the legs for 7 to 9 times, with the successful lifting and lowering of one leg counted as one.

Third: Crunching

This particular exercise is undoubtedly great when you talk about burning of abdominal fats. It is simple and crunching to lose lower belly fatgives fast result. It is recommended highly for the course of this program.

How it is done:
– lie on the floor with your back, bend your your knees so it points up. Keep your hands behind your breed.
– simultaneously raise your shoulder above the floor folding your legs to your ribs. And returning to your initial position.
– repeat the process as many times as you can. Group of in sets of 5 to 10.

Fourth: Criss-Cross

This is another Pilate program that works your abs. To ensure stable position, you can use rope. Make sure your core is tight through the program to ensure a high end result. This program is geared towards working your core. Your abdomen is generally effected because your feet are above the floor.

How it is done:criss cross exercise to lose lower belly fat
– stretch yourself out on the floor. Keep your shoulders apart with your hands below your head.
– pull your knees up to the sheen by bending your legs
– raise your head accompanied by the shoulder until you get to the point your shoulder blades are just about to get off the floor, while exhaling.
– spread out your right leg while twisting your torso to the left side making it appear as if you want to make contact with your left knee using the right elbow. During this process you to be inhaling and exhaling. Reverse this process.
– keep repeating in a set of 10 and more as you advance.

Fifth: The Balance Ball Crunch

This exercise helps to tremendously improve balance and stability. The ball can be referred to as exercise ball or stability ball or physio ball. It requires more muscle stability engagement. Be aware that you can hurt yourself sometimes if not done correctly, and hurt your muscles.

How it is done:the ball crunch to lose lower belly fat
– with your feet strong on the ground, lie with your back on the ball. Giving support to your lower abdomen.
– keep your hands on your chest or behind your head.
– raise your torso forward, contracting your abs. Lower your torso back to the initial position, keep the ball steady at all times.
– As you crunch, exhale. While lowering back your torso, inhale.
– Repeat for 12 – 16 times in a set of 1 – 3

Sixth: The Rolling Plankrolling plank to lose lower belly fat

This exercise keeps your muscles fit through your abdomen, lower back and your hips.

How it is done:
– using your right elbow and leg as a support, lie sideways on the floor.
– your shoulder and elbow should appear at right angle. Your left leg should be on top of the right one and together.
– your knees must be kept stretched. Leaving only your elbow and feet on the floor.
– hold on for 30 seconds and then increase as you get comfortable.

Seventh: Vertical  Leg Crunchvertical leg crunch to lose lower belly fat

How it is done:
– Stretch your legs upwards toward the ceiling while lying on your back.
– cross one knee over the other. Raising your upper body to the pelvis, inhale and exhale.
– repeat for 12 – 16 times in a set of 3 – 4.

Eighth: Hip Liftship lifts to lose lower belly fat

How it is done:
– keep your arms stretched along your sides while you lie on the floor.
– face your palms down. Fold your legs to keep your knees perpendicular to the hips.
– with the core muscles, lift your hips above the floor and lower it back.
– keep repeating the process for like 15 more times.

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