The Venus Holes: Back Dimples Health Interesting Facts

Depending on which gender it appears on, it can be referred to as Apollo holes for men and Venus holes for women, it is formed on the lower region of the back.

Back Dimple is Pure Genetics!

This two holes can only be seen on individuals whose ligament sizes are suitable or susceptible genetics.

Having 2 Holes in The Back Means Good Blood Circulation

This is formed by inherited genetic, so it is not our choice to have them or not. We all know that the body needs good circulation to attain orgasm and this holes are symbols of good health and good circulation of blood in the body.

Back Dimples Come With Birth

This holes can not be accomplished with exercises because they are situated in a spot where you can not find muscles. Excess fat can limit the visibility of this holes but if you shed up-fats, you just might see them.

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