Homemade Spray For Milky & Spotless Skin

We all desire or want to have a flawless, fresh and spotless complexion which includes not having scars, hickey or acne on your beaming flawless skin tone. We definitely want all this things. For a fact ladies, we can certainly make all these happen, so today, I would tell you a secret about a natural spray that will help you achieve the glow and radiance we all desire for our face skin.

All you need to do before you go to bed is, wash your face then spray it all over your face, leave it all night to work its magic. Your skin will radiate and glow tremendously in just few days of using the natural spray.

2 Ingredients Needed To Prepare This Natural Facial Spray

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  1. Rose water
  2. Coconut water

How To Prepare The Homemade Facial Spray

  • Put in a bowl a certain amount of coconut water.
  • Pour equal quantity of rose water into same bowl.
  • Mix well and there you have it,your natural facial spray all ready for use.
  • Your natural facial spray is best stored in a spray bottle.
  • The natural facial spray can be refrigerated up to a month.

You can use this natural facial spray any time during the day before you go to bed.

Why Coconut & Rose Water: For A Soft & Spotless Skin Face

Coconut water can help moisten the skin and help remove spots and scars from your face while Rose water reduces excess oil on the skin, it also balances the skin pH level and make the skin tight, it cleanse the skin pores. The combination of Rose water and Coconut water is good for achieving a great face skin tone. The natural facial spray can be use on all skin types.

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