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Places To Touch a Woman To Make Her Wet & Go Crazy

Many men who’s prime focus is to arose a women, think that the best way possible is, unfortunately in many cases, poking their fingers in the area as if they were doing a ‘gynecological review’ – the female genitals – in order to make sure that the vaginal area starts the lady to get wet, in which after he can proceed to penetrate the female for a good night sex.

But what’s worst, there are many who consider that this approach and direct stimulation is a preliminary one to arose a women! Practicing a bit of oral sex or some masturbation prior to intercourse can be a good technique, but, really, it is not enough with these simple – and too fast – techniques to hang the medal of having aroused the most ardent sexual instincts of those who have in front!

You could say the same for those who  that with gentle stroke up on women’s crotch, she will be more than ready! It is true that in some cases this shortcut can work, but, of course, she will not be as excited as if her partner played where they had to play to activate and wet the lady as she never experienced before. This should never be overlooked again.

The Infallible Route To Make a Women Wet and Turn Her On!

It is clear that each person has its own way of thinking, expressed in each and every aspect of life, including the technique on how to turn a girl on,  but classifying a technique as ‘definitive’ and successful, could lead to failure if we believe blindly that it is the only thing we have to do, to reach orgasm. However, there are certain erogenous zones that, if stimulated properly, will arouse a woman and bear fruit in their sex life. And some are more effective than others.

The Magical Parts to Arose a Girl

What better way to find out what those sex moves to make her crazy, than by doing a survey. According to the survey participants, “the area around the nipples” is a clear winner. Although, and although it visually catches your attention there are still hundreds of men who avoid stimulating that area!

Turn Them On, To Achieve Orgasm

About 40% of the women said that the areolas(pigmented ring around the human nipple) should be the zero zone for the previous games, ahead of the pubis, the vagina and the inside of the cervix, area that won as the favorite to “get an acceleration”.

And no, it is not a mere coincidence from the opinions of a few thousand women. According to a study published in ‘Science of Relationships’, stimulation of the nipple activates an area of ​​the brain known as the genital sensory cortex.

“This is the same region of the brain that is activated by stimulation of the clitoris, the vagina and the cervix. Which means that the brains of women process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way”

the researchers said.

The hot water causes the blood to come to the surface of the skin so that the breasts and areolas will be especially sensitive to any gentle touch.

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Stimulate The Brain to Make A Women Hot

Sometimes we forget that the brain is the largest sexual organ we have and that he decides how, when and where we experience pleasure. So gently and finding the exact point of pleasure by squeezing, licking, caressing or biting the female nipples can reach the climax.
How to explore the area


Other Sensitive Body Parts to Stimulate in Order Arouse a Lady

  • The nape(back) of the neck is regarded as very sensitive by Japanese men, because it’s one of the very few areas on women’s body that is naked in a way. Try it in a forplay game with your lady after kissing her gently on the back of her neck while trying to arouse her.
  • Women’s that have good defined clavicle are very sexy. Show the lady some respect by kissing her softly. Un-button the partners shirt a bit, to expose the clavicle. Also, dedicate more attention to this body part while penetrating her.
  • Place a hand over her shoulder. Place the other gently over her back. Go crazy and kiss or lick her whole spine and kiss the nape to wet the lady.
  •  A huge mistake male partners do, is not paying more attention to the knee area of ladies. It’s a big lack during sex, since this area is very sensitive and a gentle stroke will deeply arouse her.
  •  Make your lady go crazy for you by kissing or gently biting her earlobes.  Try nibbling on the outside of the rest of her ear.
  • There is nothing more satisfactory then massaging her foots. Grab some olive oil or an lotion and genlty massage the ladie’s ankles, toes and the two parts of her feet.
  • Arose a girl to the maximum, by teasing her inner sexy thighs and licking the body part around her pelvis.

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