How Much Water Should You Drink Daily? Use Body Weight As Measure

Water is important for our survival. Without water for more than 3 days, the organs in our body gradually begin to die, leading to a fatal outcome. However, what is the best amount of water on a daily basis that we need to take? Most theories suggest that you should drink 2 liters per day of water as a norm. This is the amount of water to ensure normal body life and even get rid of overweight.

The truth, however, is that this norm is the norm is strictly individual. For example, if you weigh 65 pounds, and your friend is 85 pounds. You both drink the same amount of water, but you do not notice a change, and he still suffers from headaches and other dehydration effects. reports that the key is the water dose depends on the weight. You should drink not only when you feel thirsty.

What Happens When You Dehydrate?

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Bad breath

Lack of water leads to decreased production of saliva. Then the number of harmful bacteria increases and the result is an unpleasant smell from the mouth and bad breath.

Appetite for jam

It is particularly pronounced during intense mental work and sport. The main source of energy – glycogen – is wasteful, so the desire to eat something sweet is getting stronger. But if you drink water, you will not have such a need.

Dry skin

Although today you can buy various moisturizing creams, it is better to moisten the skin from the inside. Drink more water and the problem will disappear.

Permanent fatigue

With dehydration, blood pressure drops, blood enters the brain very slowly, the heart shrinks and you suffer from constant fatigue.

Bad mood

Recent studies have shown that women suffering from headaches and irritability have an acute need for water because they are very dehydrated, thus causing bad mood.

How Much Water do You Need to Drink per Day According To Weight

The most important thing here is knowing your weight. Then divide your pounds by 32 – and you already know the daily water norm. If you’re sporting, add up to 0.5 liters every 30 minutes of your workout.

  • 37 kg – 1 l
  • 46 kg – 1.5 l
  • 55 kg – 1.75 l
  • 64 kg – 2 l
  • 73 kg – 2.25 l
  • 82 kg – 2.5 l
  • 91 kg – 2.75 l
  • 100 kg – 3 l
  • 109 kg – 3.5 l
  • 118 kg – 3.75 l
  • 127 kg – 4 l
  • 136 kg – 4.25 l
  • 145 kg – 4.5 l

Try drinking 2 cups of water half an hour before eating. It has been proven that such a simple habit helps to maintain healthy weight without much effort. Remember, even if the body loses 10% of the water, it can lead to a delay in renal function, headache and seizure.

If you drink plenty of water then excess fluid will wash the beneficial substances from your body. Some diseases cause an increase in the amount of water consumed (kidney stones, diarrhea).

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