Healthoverdosed.com meets professional on any matter relating to the most valuable we possess – health. The site is a kind of encyclopedia, providing an accessible language variety of materials dedicated to healthy living, current medicine, various diseases and methods for diagnosis and treatment.

Healthoverdosed.com is embedded concept of accessible,

Healthoverdosed (dot) com logo is familiar to lot of people, who have found top notch health recommendations worldwide.

competent and comprehensive information – educational materials and original articles prepared by medical practitioners and leading experts in various
fields of medicine. This makes the site a reliable guide as to the general public and for physicians, and with more than 10 million returning audience per year, healthoverdosed has achieved a place among the highest rated health websites.

Each of the sections in healthoverdosed.com has its own specialization and focus, like:


Women’s health.

Men’s health.


Drug guides.


Food recipes.

Weight loss.



Mental & Emotional Health.



And even a DIY section.

Our team strives to bring the best health information to our visitors for a healthier and happier live.

Our author staff is consisted from experts in the fields. Healthoverdosed staff has professionals from the field of weight loss, beauty, drug guide and mental health.

Chad Danielson – Main Editor

Julia Nelson –  Assistant Main Editor

James Woods –  Author

Kevin Clinton  –  Author

Michelle Pickens – Author

Scott Philips – Author

Sylvester Williams – Contributor

Thomas Pfeiffer – Contributor

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