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Lose 4kg & 16cm Waist, With This Inexpensive Natural Mixture In Only 4 Days

It is the desire of overweight and obese people to lose pounds in order to lead healthier lives. This is by itself a big challenge, and the abundance of literature on several weight loss techniques and diet regimes makes the choice of what method to apply more difficult for the overweight person.  While some of these methods promise ease, quickness and effectiveness, they are usually insincere about the possible harmful effects. Hence the need to be cautious.

In this light, we bring to you one of the most effective weight loss methods – a drink made from inexpensive natural ingredients. It should only be taken for four days and coupled with regular exercise and a good diet, it is guaranteed to give you great results.

Weight Loss Drink

Here are the ingredients;

  • Eight glasses of water,
  • twelve fresh mint leaves,
  • a tablespoon of grated ginger root,
  • a tablespoon of dried mint,
  • a mid-sized lemon(sliced),
  • a mid-sized cucumber (peeled and sliced).



On preparation;

  • Put the ingredients into a large bowl,
  • mix properly and refrigerate the mixture overnight.

On use

  • Drink should be taken 4-5 times daily at regular intervals beginning in the morning,
  • it should be consumed for only four days after which a 1-week break should be taken.

If combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, the effects should begin to manifest after the second day.

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