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5 Healthy Food Choices That Fight Stress & Keep You Calm

You are stressed, and it calls out to you – that longing for sweet and usually junk foods, say a bar of chocolate, burgers, doughnuts and suchlike. It happens so often that those foods have an irresistible appeal to our appetite when we are tired, and we just want to bite into them. Eating like this does give us that ‘yum’ feeling leaving us satisfied, energized and happy. But it doesn’t stop there! Foods that have high calorie and carbohydrate content do not in fact help us reduce stress.

If we desire to ‘de-stress’, we should opt instead for protein-rich foods, whole grains and rich Omega 3s.

Below is a List of 5 Foods In Order To Fight Stress And Keep You calm Throughout The Day:

Pistachios Rich in Vitamin B6 – A Great Aid in Reducing Stress

Pistachios: These like sweet potatoes, avocados and garlic are rich in Vitamin B6 which is required to produce Serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that serves as a mood regulator.

Red Peppers: ‘Filthy’ Rich in Vitamin C – Stress Biggest Enemy

Red Peppers: Research by Psychology Today revealed that individuals who took large amounts of Vitamin C before engaging in activities that induce stress recovered faster from cortisol surge and their blow pressure was low. This makes red peppers great for stress eating as they contain Vitamin C.

Flavonoids Found In a Original Dark Chocolate Keeps You Calm

Dark Chocolate: These contain Flavonoids which reduce cortisol (the stress hormone). It has also been asserted by research that daily intake of small chocolate helps keep us calm.

Oatmeal Decreases Blood Sugar Level – Therefore – Less Stress

Oatmeal: Like Pistachios, these contain serotonin which regulate our mood. Also,Oatmeal like other whole grains take a long time to digest and therefore do not sharply increase blood sugar level.

Magnesium The Stress Reliever

Spinach: This, like other leafy vegetables contain a magnesium in large amounts. Magnesium is a stress reliever and people who don’t have enough of it suffer from stress and depression due to the presence of C-reactive proteins.

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